How Can Alcohol And Body Building Get Along: Just The Facts

As sad as it sounds, alcohol is really harmful to the body, and in particular to the body of an athlete. If the ordinary fitness fans can allow themselves to have a drink for a good occasion sometimes, this is strictly forbidden for professionals. Here is a sufficiently illustrative example – race car drivers, which are poured over with champagne on the podium, but do not drink it. And if we talk about other sports, then, for example, alcohol and bodybuilding are so antagonistic that it is better not even to take a bottle in a hand, in order not to be accidentally overcome by temptation. Here’s why drinking alcohol is generally forbidden to bodybuilders:

sportAlcohol inhibits the production of growth hormone. Medical scientists conducted special researche and monitored the concentration of natural growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (GF) in blood of athletes to see how interconnected alcohol and training were. The production of these substances was reduced immediately by 70-75%, and the trend continued throughout the next 2 days.

Alcohol reduces protein synthesis in muscles. Drinking not only slows down the synthesis of amino acids (in particular – proteins), it even impairs their sequence. Alcohol stimulates the release of cortisol – a hormone that can reduce the production of amino acids by 20%.

Alcohol affects the synthesis of testosterone. It is interesting that the effect of alcohol in this sense is multilateral – in the beginning it increases the concentration of proteins, preventing the synthesis of testosterone, and then existing testosterone is converted into the female hormone estrogen.

Alcohol affects the nervous system. Alcoholic drinks are dangerous because they can cause a disorder of sleep phases. The body, working in a violated regime, is not able to provide sufficient regeneration of muscle tissue in between workouts.

In addition, if an athlete goes to a gym the next day after drinking, his training would be ineffective because he will feel continuous weakness. It is possible that he will not feel it while just doing power exercises, but as soon as he goes to aerobic exercise his cardiovascular system will immediately feel the remainders of the alcohol effect. Since alcohol has more stress on the heart, the blood pressure will be increased, and there may be severe nausea and dizziness, and the saidweakness.