New Study Reveals that short Men are Safer from Health Complications

This new scientific research done by Chapman University favors short men over tall men. The study indicates that they are less likely to develop health complications. Apart from the societies perceptive to shorter men, it seems science is finally appreciating their worth. Short men are depicted as less attractive as compared to their counterparts, tall men, who every woman would die for. This has led to many short men feeling less needed by the community. Nevertheless, here are some of the findings discovered by Chapman University that will make tall men wish they were a bit shorter. The study reveals that shortness being the most disregarded body size, has some of best health benefits. This was established when the team of scientist discovered that the body of short men possess effective defense against some of the body damaging health conditions.

  1. The study indicated that short men have lower risks or chances of getting a sun stroke

short-MenResearch was done by Tom Samaras, an American researcher who majorly dealt with the relationship between life expectancy and height. Recently, he studied the effects of heat on different body types. His findings shows that shorter men are less likely to get heart exhaustion or sunstroke.

  1. Short men are likely to live longer

Research shows that short men are likely to live longer as compared to tall men. Dr. Armand Leroi, Evolutionary Biologist and Imperial College professor discovered the specific hormone that controls height in the body, the Insulin like Growth Factor (IGF), controls ageing as well. The smaller the amounts of IGF, the longer one will live. Furthermore, while studying the relationship between height and life expectancy, Tom Samaras also established that an extra inch of height shortens life by approximately 1.2 years.

  1. Less likely to develop blood clots

Dr Sigrid Braekkan from the University of Tromso in Norway and his colleagues discovered that taller man are susceptible to Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), which is a general name for deep thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Therefore, this puts shorter men or generally shorter people at less risk of developing such health conditions.

  1. Short men are less likely to develop cancer

Just recently, Karolinska Institute established that taller people are likely to develop various types of cancer. According to the study, the risk of cancer is increased by 11% in men for every extra 10cm of height.