Scientists Proved Benefits Of Afternoon Sleep

It’s hard to find anyone who would have a good night’s sleep every night. And everyone is sometimes drawn to sleep at an inopportune time. But if you suffer from the slumberous feeling every day, here we try to explain why it is so.

There are several rather normal and natural causes of sleepiness:

– Stuffy room or rainy weather. In both cases, the atmospheric pressure decreases, and the brain is supplied by oxygen insufficiently.

sleep– A square dinner. The blood flow rushes to the stomach and the brain receives less energy.

– A flight with change of time zones.

American researchers have found out that sleep in the middle of the working day is extremely important: after sleeping only an hour, people show greater persistence in solving all sorts of problems and can boast excellent work.

Scientists from the University of Michigan conducted an experiment. The participants were 40 volunteers aged 18 to 50. All participating persons were divided into two groups, and complied with their normal sleeping schedule for three days before the experiment.

Next, the volunteers underwent a series of psychological tests, and then they had to solve various tasks that they usually perform in the workplaces. Members of the first group slept for an hour at lunchtime, and the second part of the test participants had to watch video about wildlife at this time.

After that, all volunteers underwent a series of tests again. As it turned out, an hour of sleep in the workplace reduced levels of psychological stress quite effectively. In addition, people who managed to get some sleep reported improved concentration and were more assertive in dealing with the problems associated with their work. At the same time, the participants that were deprived of sleep at their lunchtime have become less efficient and could not concentrate on their work.

Earlier, the experts found that the extra sleep helps to restore and improve memory, and has a positive effect on brain cell interaction.

However, lunchtime sleep may have a negative effect with regard to human health. For example, it is better not to go to sleep in the afternoon for older people. Cardiologists at the University of Ghent (Belgium) found out that the risk of myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular problems increase for people whose age is over 65, and who like to sleep during the day.